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Nutiva Organic Coconut & Hemp Seed Super Foods

Nutiva sells virgin oil only. Coconut oil is free of trans fats and cholesterol, and rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFs).They fresh-press their coconuts within hours of harvesting. They never bleach, deodorize, or refine their Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, keeping its light, smooth flavor. Hemp: The Most Nutritious Seed in the World It's no wonder leading researchers consider hempseed one to the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Packed with protein, Omega fats, magnesium and contains 66% edestin

Type:Coconut Oil & Hemp Seed
Suggested Retailer:The Earth's Bounty For You, Naturally
Environment friendly:Yes
Web address:http://theearthsbounty.com/Store/WsAncillary.asp?I...
Created:October 2009
Recommended for:Any Parent, Mom, Maternity, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Friends, All Ages
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