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CC Olson
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Panera Bread

Love Panera Bread. A great place for a melt in your mouth Cinnamon Crunch Bagel and a cup of coffee or buy a dozen bagels to go! It has a great menu for pastries, bread, sandwiches, soups or my...

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Location::Lynnwood, WA

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I cannot believe this is not on here already! This is our favorite "fast" restaurant. The meat is all natural and delicious. I highly recommend the staff at the Galleria location in Roseville. They...

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Location:Roseville, CA

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Chick Fil A

This location offers free wifi, without time limits. The staff even will come around from time to time and refill your drink for you! They have family nights on Tuesdays and you get a free kid's...

Category: Places Food
Location:Brooksville, FL

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Mommy Colburn
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Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a unique, upscale casual dining restaurant offering more than 200 menu selections including Appetizers, Pizza, Pasta, Seafood, Steaks, Salads, Sandwiches, and more. But in...

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Location:america, CA

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Peets Coffee

This is, in my opinion, THE BEST coffee out there. If you want serious, straight up coffee, in other words, not the fru-fru sugary stuff then this is the place to go. They make amazing foam and...

Category: Places Food
Location:Roseville, CA

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Mommy Colburn
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Who doesn't love In-N-Out? It's the best place to grab a burger and fries. The best part about In-N-Out is the secret menu items like animal style burger or fries, protien burgers, well done fries,...

Category: Places Food
Location:West Coast, CA

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Mommy Colburn
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Olive Garden

Ok, I know everyone loves Olive Garden, but it's one of our family's favorites! Love the Bellini Tea it's the BEST! The salad and soup and of course the breadsticks are wonderful. It's hard to go...

Category: Places Food
Location:anywhere, Ca

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Miguel's Cocina

This place is wonderful!!! The highlight of this restaurant for me is the white sauce that they serve you with your chips and salsa. Next would be the shrimp burrito and the chili verde burrito....

Category: Places Food
Location:Point Loma, CA

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Jamba Juice

We love the all juice real fruit smoothie. We order with a boost of Whey and boost of Omega-3 (fiber included with this boost). Ordering that way will lower the glycemic response (blood sugar) and...

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Location:Anytown, CA

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k&k's mom
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Food Court in Whole Foods Market

Want to go out to eat, have good natural food choices, and please everyone in your family? Then going to the food court in a Whole Foods Market is the answer for you! The one near us has a taqueria,...

Category: Places Food
Location:Roseville, Ca.

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Gift Mommy
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P F Changs

Category: Places Food
Location:Troy, MI

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BJs Restaurant

BJs has great food. I love their deep dish pizza and their stuffed potatoes! However, my FAVORITE thing is Pizookie! Nothing beats the fresh baked cookie (baked in a pizza pan) topped with vanilla...

Category: Places Food
Location:many cities, many

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Dewars Candy Shop

This is my 2nd favorite Ice Cream Shop!! They make their own ice cream - this is not a Dreyer's ice cream shop. The best thing they have is their Marshmallow Cream --- It is amazing! Granted, it...

Category: Places Food
Location:Bakersfield, CA

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Chilis Restaurant

Chilis is a delicious, afforadable family-friendly restaurant. I vote them winner of the most expansive kids menu! I have found Chilis to be a much better value than Applebees or Red Robin and...

Category: Places Food
Location:Yuba City, CA

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Big Spoon Frozen Yogurt

This is the best frozen yogurt!!! It is self-serve - just the way that you want it. You pick out the size of cup, fill it up with yogurt and then fill it up with your choice of toppings..... you...

Category: Places Food
Location:Rocklin, CA